Simple Tips To Identify Fake News Stories Before Sharing

The growth of the internet and social media has made it very easy for fake news stories to proliferate. Whereas some sites are intentional in writing false, but humorous stories, there are some sites that work hard to pass themselves as real and others only see to peddle salacious false tales just to drive traffic and enjoy ad revenue to the sites.

Social media on the other hand makes it very easy for people to spread the misinformation which at the end of the day brings about lots of confusion. It is important to try and verify how true a story is before sharing. Below are a few pointers that should raise an eyebrow that the story you are about to share is fake to save you the embarrassment when the truth comes out.

1. Missing links, references, citations and author

One of the most obvious red flag when it comes to fake news is missing links and references to help you validate the information shared. Popular sites may miss references and citations, but most other sites will have them. You may also find that the name of the author is the story is missing or if it exists, you can’t find anything credible about the author when you do a search on them.

2. The news source has a reputation of shadiness

Where you get news stories should guide you on whether they are true or likely to be fake. The reputation the source of news has can say a lot about its credibility. If a source is known to constantly spread fake news, then it is highly likely that the interesting story you are about to share is fake. Most news stories from such sites or sources will seem just as incredulous when you take a look at them.

3. No other site or news source carries a similar story

If you can’t seem to find anything similar from reputable new sites and websites even though the story seems to be hot news, then something is definitely wrong. Failure in finding anything similar should tell you that the author never did any research or is simply sharing their personal opinion on a given topic and not factual news.

4. Grammatical and spelling worries

Reputable news sources take their time to go through the texts and to actually edit as appropriate before posting them. They actually have proofreaders whose work is to correct all grammatical and spelling errors present. An author who is hastily posting information will not have the time to go through the text over and over to make such corrections. If you keep noticing errors as you go through the text, you are most probably dealing with a fake story.

5. Mismatch between headline and article content

The headline persuades you to believe before you even read and also tells you what the story is about. Fabricated headlines are there to attract attention, but it is best to read through the content before believing. Most fake stories will have mismatching details between headline and the content you actually get.

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Zero Hours Employment Contract: Specifics

The reason why the number of zero hours employment contract offers has increased in the past years is that employers are seeking more cost effective manners in which they can meet their needs for employing some staff for short terms. There are opportunities for this type of employment in a number of sectors, especially in the retail industry and in the hospitality sector. Zero hours employment means that the people employed in such manner give their agreement to be available for doing work when that is required, but they will have no guaranteed working hours or working times. People on zero hours employment are practically on call, ready to go to work as and when the need for that arises.Companies and employers are not under the obligation to offer this type of work to their workers, but the zero hours employment contract may be needed in circumstances when there is no need for regular work to be done within regular working hours.There are regulations with respect to this type of employment, such as the requirement for the payment of minimum wages in some countries. Furthermore, if the circumstances necessitate the workers on zero hours employment to remain in their workplace for specified time periods in the event that there arises work to be done, the time of waiting should be included in the total working time.The zero hours employment contract may be the choice for people who would prefer to have occasional opportunities to earn money, and the flexibility of working time can suit them. But in all cases the employer should make people willing to enter such a contract aware of the exact nature of the periods of work and the payment, to avoid any misunderstanding when people who are not completely familiar with the nature of such contracts decide that they are the right choice for them but may find out later that they have made a serious mistake.People who are willing to undertake a zero hours employment contract should be informed that the work they will be given will be of casual nature, and there will be no guarantee of a specified amount of work for certain specified periods of time.It should also be pointed out that such contracts will have their legal risks. Employers should be aware that in the event that the contract has to be taken to a court or to an employment tribunal, they may decide that in fact the contract for zero employment constitutes an employment relationship. For the purpose, the aspects to be investigated will be the extent to which the person on a zero employment contract can decide when they can work, how they will work, what tools they will use, and also whether they will be able to subcontract the work given to them. In the event that these aspects are not present, the decision on the employment contract type will be that because there is a degree of control, the relationship between the person on zero hours and the employer is a regular employment relationship.

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Dieting For Health and Fitness With the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

By taking on the Mediterranean diet, you are entering into one of the top rated diet programs for staying healthy and in shape.Imagine a diet that includes seafood, red meats, poultry, eggs, vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, beans, and even olive oil to not only lose weight and keep fit, but also to decrease your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Dieters who have followed this diet plan say they don’t feel deprived because the food is so satisfying and the meals are balanced.The Mediterranean MenuNutritionists today believe that the best dietary route to health and fitness starts with a well balanced diet of natural foods on which our bodies can thrive. The diet fills this bill completely, and the Mediterranean diet cookbook will help you plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals. The elevated numbers of Americans and Europeans battling diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gallstones, and obesity is a red flag that their diets, high in animal fat, unhealthy carbs, and junk food are making us sick, and crash diets as well as other unsafe dieting methods may be exasperating our chronic illnesses.The Mediterranean diet cookbook can teach you to find and prepare foods that abide by the diet guidelines to keep you slim and healthy. And, since the Mediterranean diet was well studied and researched to verify its safety, it only makes sense to adopt it for your weight loss plan.The Mediterranean Diet CookbookThe Mediterranean diet cookbook comes with some interesting history of the diet’s origins, including some facts about its three Mediterranean regions and their unique foods and recipes. The cookbook will teach you different food preparation tips that will guarantee healthy benefits in every meal, including salads, entrees and even deserts.It is important to keep in mind that the cookbook is not intended to be used as a traditional cookbook. In other words, its purpose is not to describe how to cook meals and it is not intended for weight loss. The described Mediterranean diet is intended to guide you toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the foods you eat.The key is, if you’re overweight when you begin the Mediterranean diet it probably because you diet is not as healthy as it could be, and perhaps you’re not getting regular moderate exercise. This diet is going to improve your eating habits and bring you into a new and healthy way of eating that will probably lead to weight loss, and a very healthy life.

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